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Orlando Organics Policies

Yes, this is the fine print portion of the web site. If you have a question that isn't answered anywhere else, this is a good place to look.

  1. Orlando Organics customers sign up for a subscription bag of produce that is delivered to your home or office weekly or biweekly as per your account settings. The contents of the bag change from week to week and are based on seasonal availability and pricing.

  2. In order to activate your account, you must supply us with a valid Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express number. If this card expires, we must receive a new valid card number to continue deliveries. We also accept checks made out to Orlando Organics received at time of delivery. If we do not receive payment at delivery, we will bill your card that night for the cost of your invoice. If you do not activate your account within 30 days after signup, it will be closed.

  3. No deliveries will be made if you have any outstanding balances.

  4. Once you sign up for a subscription, we will deliver to you automatically on a regular basis unless you let us know otherwise.

  5. Changes to delivery status should be made through the Orlando Organics web site. Changes requested by email will not be accepted. If the web site is unavailable due to hosting issues, this policy may be temporarily suspended.

  6. Deadlines for changes should be observed. Any changes regarding produce, whether it be a change in your delivery bag option, or the addition of additional add-on produce, must be made by 9:00 am the day before delivery. Although the web site may accept changes after this time, they will not be reflected in that week's delivery.

  7. We are solely a delivery service and do not have a retail location. We cannot receive customers at our offices and no pickups will be allowed.

  8. We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the greater Orlando area. What day you receive a delivery is based on where you live. See the web site for guidelines on what areas are served by which days. We reserve the right to change delivery schedules.

  9. Your first delivery will include a $15 registration fee.

  10. No contracts or commitments are required. In order to close your account, please use the Account Status option in the Member's Area. Deadlines for cancellation are the same as for any order.

  11. You do not have to be home when delivery arrives. But we require that you leave out a cooler (preferably with ice packs) for us to unload your delivery into. If the cooler will not immediately visible to our drivers, please note on your account's Special Instructions where the produce should be left.

  12. If you do not leave out a cooler, your produce may be left in a thermal bag or large bin. These bags and bins are the property of Orlando Organics and it is your responsibility to return them at your next delivery. Failure to leave out a cooler may also result in a delay or denial of request for replacement for spoiled produce.

  13. If we determine that you have multiple bags and/or bins that have not been returned, we will email you to remind you to return them. If you again forget to return them at your next delivery, you will receive another reminder. If the second reminder is ignored and we do not receive the bags on the next delivery, you will be billed for the bags and bins at a rate of $3.00 per bag or bin based on our records. If you close your account and have three or more bags or bins in your possession, you will be billed for those supplies.

  14. Any account that has no future deliveries scheduled and has not received a delivery for at least thirty days will be placed inactive. Inactive customers can reactivate their accounts through the Member's Area without assistance from us.

  15. Accounts that have been without a delivery for more than 180 days will be deleted. Deleted accounts may be reactivated, but will incur the registration fee.

  16. We impose a $15 fee on all bounced checks to cover our bank fees.

  17. We reserve the right to deny delivery if special circumstances arise.

  18. It is the customer's responsibility to keep their account updated. All delivery changes must be submitted through the web site's customer management area to be recognized. Changes requested through email or voicemail will not be accepted.

  19. If we are delivering to a location that is not a private home, it is your responsibility to make sure that you receive your delivery after we make it. Deliveries left in front of apartment doors, for example, are considered to be completed deliveries if we have been instructed to leave your deliveries as such.

  20. We no longer accept signups with deliveries to non-residential addresses. Currently existing customers receiving deliveries at a business address will still be subject to the other policies regarding business deliveries noted on this page.

  21. We cannot make deliveries to a housing or leasing office (or any equivalent office that is not your apartment or home).

  22. We cannot promise to make deliveries before or after certain times due to the unpredictability of our delivery routes each week.

  23. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that their address is correct so that our drivers may make deliveries to the proper location.

  24. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that all arrangements have been made with any persons that would be required for us to make delivery to your door. This includes security agencies or private gates, automated entry codes, apartment complexes with security, and any related entity.

  25. Any deliveries that are prevented due to the actions of a party that would recognize the customer as authoritative to request changes will still be billed as completed deliveries. If your apartment complex or subdivision's security gate, manned guard, or any similar barrier, refuses to let Orlando Organics deliver to your door, it is up to you to determine the appropriate procedure and contact Orlando Organics with the necessary permissions, codes, or needed information.

  26. The expected contents of each bag will be posted on the Orlando Organics web site the day before delivery. Due to quality and shipping issues, the contents of each bag may change between the time the information is posted and you receive a delivery. Orlando Organics makes no promises regarding availability of any specific items because of the unpredictable nature of fresh produce.

  27. If you receive a damaged or spoiled item, contact Orlando Organics within 48 hours after delivery and let us know. We will make sure that we replace the item with similar produce in your next delivery.

  28. If you are accidentally billed for an item that you do not receive, let us know and will will issue a credit for the amount of error. Please remember that the deadline for produce determines your correct order and any changes made after deadline are not reflected in your order or the billing amount.

  29. You will receive a $5 credit on your next delivery if a new customer signs up and lists you as their referral. The credit is only valid for currently active customers who have a delivery scheduled in the next 21 days.

  30. In order to receive a delivery, you must receive at least one of our primary six produce bags. Deliveries of only produce add-ons or groceries will be cancelled unless they accompany a primary produce bag.

  31. Customers should use the Account Information area to specify any produce items that they do not wish to receive. This information can be updated as often as you like and updated weekly to reflect your needs for the week. Our packing sheets are based on exact matches with the items listed in your dislike list, so we request that customers not ask us to guess or assume their needs based on non-specific terms (i.e. "nightshade veggies"), or to determine substitutions based on generalizations (i.e. "all large vegetables"). We will attempt to use your favorites list to replace any dislikes you have listed, but availability will affect these substitutions. We limit substitutions to three items per week.

This document was last updated May 11, 2011.

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