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Orlando Organics Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers have to say about us. We appreciate their support!

"It is great to be back - we got our first delivery yesterday and I had the most delicious salad that I have had in a long time." - Vicki, Oviedo
"I am so happy with my produce box!! Especially the kale! We LOVE kale!" - Sara, Orlando
"Thank you for the excellent produce and service." - Lorna, Orlando
"We have been very pleased with the assortment of fruits and veggies we have been receiving. I must say, the organic fruits certainly TASTE much better than the regular stuff from the store." - Andrea, Longwood
"We've only gotten two deliveries so far but we're very impressed and can't stop raving about the quality!" - Kathryn, Orlando
"Thank you! Was perfect. Can't wait to cook!" - Kirsten, Orlando
"The food looks great! Thanks, we are really excited about this service." - Donald, Orlando
"My first order was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised at the about of produce I received. I'm extremely happy to have found you guys!" - Emily, Winter Garden
"Thanks! The produce looks great! I hope we can eat it all this week!" - Kathrine, Winter Park
"Thank for the first order! I've already made so many dishes today. Parsnip soup was fantastic for lunch." - Karen, Oviedo
"I'm enjoying the wonderful veggies! The corn was stunning (I could have eaten 10 of those already!) I also especially like the avocado, lettuce, cuke & cauliflower. I look forward to my next delivery!" - Marcy, Winter Springs
"Thank you for providing such great service and product. Have to give mention to your friendly and polite delivery person as well." - James, Orlando
"Totally blown away by this first delivery. The quality is so out of this world and fresh. Right when I had given up hope on getting any decent quality produce from chain grocery stores and even some local farm stands, I find your company. One delivery and you have a long term customer now." - James, Orlando
"Thank YOU for my order --- Excellent!!!" - Marcy, Winter Springs
"I've been very happy and have spoken to some friends who are interested in starting as well." - Dana, Windermere
"My roommate and I were so excited for our first delivery that while I was at work, he sent me a picture of it! Signing up for OO is something I've looked forward to doing for a long time, and I wanted to thank you for the service you provide!" - Anna, Orlando
"The mango is amazing! Thanks for another great delivery." - Cassi, Oviedo
"Thank you for the beautiful produce that was delivered today." - Lorna, Maitland
"We got our first delivery of produce and were so pleased with the quality. Thank you!" - Heidi, Winter Springs
"Had to take pics so I'd stop getting up to admire the delivery. I make a lot of healthy choices these days, but this one's is already one of my favorites. Thank you!" - Derek, Orlando
"We are very happy with our orders. The different variety of produce has made us branch out and try new things. It's been fun. DELIGHTFUL!!!" - Jamie, Orlando
"I was very happy with my produce :) Everything I received was just beautiful...especially the carrots!! Almost too pretty to eat." - Allison, Winter Garden
"Thank you! The bag was great...We are excited to try persimmons for the first time!" - Kayleigh, Altamonte Springs
"Can't wait to see what next week's bag holds! Definitely telling all my friends." - Janice, Winter Springs
"I received my delivery and am very happy with it. First thing, made a delicious fruit salad. Then looked up a recipe for the chard. Never had it but it was delicious. Stuffed peppers tomorrow and orange salad!" - Janice, Winter Springs
"My first delivery was great! I look forward to working with you & your team for my continued health & well being." - Irene, Apopka
"Your customer service is always awesome and the produce is always spectacular." - Erin, Apopka
"Thank you. Everything was great!" - Taskeen, Winter Springs
"I just got home to my amazing cooler filled with fruits and veggies. I'm so excited and cannot thank you enough!" - Cassi, Oviedo
"We very much enjoyed our first delivery of Vegetables from Orlando Organics, and must affirmatively say that our family was pleased with the quality of produce. We look forward to receiving organic produce for long time from you." - Diana, Casselberry
"Thank you. I am excited for future deliveries! Everything received was great." - Ashley, Orlando
"I have enjoyed every delivery, and will continue to recommend your service to everyone I can. Thank you for all of the delicious produce!" - Shana, Orlando
"Thursday's bag was especially delicious this week! Thanks for all you do." - Jenny, Orlando
"We love this week's peaches! Delicious." - Sultan, Orlando
"We are very, very happy with the high quality we are receiving. You guys are awesome!" - Misty, Orlando
"LOVE my delivery!!! I may have to add fruit to the next one, i have two boys that have almost demolished it." - Melissa, Winter Springs
"We are very pleased and look forward to future deliveries!" - Julie, Orlando
"We are loving the service and fresh fruit." - Julie, Orlando
"Thank you for your services! I thoroughly enjoyed them, but I am getting transferred to LA for my job. I hope I can find a service like this out there!" - Kendra, Winter Springs
"Your arrival has become an event my kids look forward to every Tuesday. You make our juicing experience so much more enjoyable!" - Mailka, Orlando
"Thank you so very much for the wonderful produce you keep delivering to our door!" - Malika, Orlando
"Very many thanks for the service you provide. I wish you greater growth and success in the future. You really deserve it! Rest assured that I have spoken about your service to many friends already, and will continue to do so at every opportunity I get." - Malika, Orlando
"I received my first order earlier today. My kids and I were beyond thrilled! Everything looked really good. Half the fruits are gone by now because they simply tasted and smelled heavenly. I am so excited about what your company does that I would like to double my order to feed my family's juicing addiction! :-)" - Malika, Orlando
"The yellow carrots in today's delivery are terrific! First time I have ever seen those. We are enjoying all of your produce!" - Amy, Orlando
"What a blessing it is to have such great produce...and DELIVERED at that!" - Babetta, Apopka
"Our first order with you is great! This is already a much better than our previous organic provider." - Ben, Ocoee
"All I can say is that you have me addicted to persimmons now!!! Wow!!!" - Dana, Orlando
"So far so good and thank you!! Great service, great organics and we love them. Thanks!" - Margaret, Orlando
"My mom was so pleased with her delivery this morning!!!! What a blessing for her. She grew up on fresh fruits and veggies and now that she is almost 91, she is back to enjoying the foods from her youth. Thanks again." - John, Orlando
"Thank you!! All looked wonderful and amazing. I am going to make sure to give our referrals!!" - Margaret, Orlando
"I love it. I'm just mad I didn't sign up sooner! Thanks so much." - Bethany, Orlando
"My produce was fabulous, unblemished and clean. Looking forward to my next shipment. Thanks again." - Shelley, Orlando
"Today's fruit delivery was absolutely amazing, fresh and ripe." - Eva, Winter Park
"Absolutely love the produce. I ate a peach and an orange immediately and they were amazing!!!!" - Jenna, Orlando
"It feels like Xmas when you open the cooler."- Martha, Winter Springs
"We love the deliveries. You guys do a great job!!!" - Ian, Orlando
"This was my first week and first order with Orlando Organics. My produce kept nicely in the thermal bag and all was fresh and delish!! I just want to thank you for providing this service! Such a huge help in keeping my family's diet healthy!" - Sally, Winter Garden
"I wanted to let you know that the fruit and veggies are delicious! I've been very happy with my orders and appreciate your service." - Corin, Longwood
"Can't wait to eat all of this. My boys were soooooo excited when the bag came. They just turned two and were looking through the bag saying. WOW! I posted a pic on Facebook for all my friends and have already got several comments that they were unaware of such a service!" - Jackie, Windermere
"What a nice shipment. I am extremely happy and tried an apple right from the go and it was awesome! The delivery man was nice and I plan on ordering continually from you in the future! Thank you for your service!" - Jackie, Windermere
"The delivery was wonderful, as usual." - Diana, Maitland
"Thank you for offering this service. My wife and I truly appreciate Orlando Organics sending her mother the fresh fruit and vegetables." - Brian, Orlando
"My family loves the produce we have received from you company and we will definitely recommend your service to friends." - Marie, Winter Park
"I am very pleased with my delivery. I'm so grateful. I have a few medical conditions that require me to eat better and your company is going to be a big part of that. So thank you again for all you do. I look forward to my future deliveries!" - Sara, Orlando
"Thanks for the produce this week. Everything looks great." - Michela, Orlando
"The produce is great. This was the perfect order to start with. Wow, the lettuce is awesome, and those tangelos are so tasty!" - Sandy, Winter Park
"We enjoyed our first order and it was such a blessing to have it delivered to our door. Thank you so much." - Emma, Orlando
"I loved everything in the bag today, it was like opening a gift box...not knowing what's in it! The produce was fresh and tasty. Hopefully we will have a long term business together and I will do my best to promote your Organic produce home delivery for my friends." - Eva, Winter Park
"Our 1st order was wonderful! Thank you very much and I will spread the word about the company!" - Jeana, Oviedo
"Everything looked wonderful. Thank you so much." - Elizabeth, Winter Park
"I had never had a pluot before and was a little nervous, but oh my goodness they were Amazing! Thanks so much for everything!" - Melissa, Orlando
"First delivery was awesome! The produce is beautiful and tasty!" - Renee, Orlando
"Just wanted to let you know that our delivery was fantastic this week. Thank you!" - Carol, Orlando
"I wanted to let you know that I loved my first delivery! It was like Christmas when I saw all the wonderful healthy vegetables I received! I am looking forward to doing business with Orlando Organics for many years to come. I am so glad that I found you on the Internet." - Margaret, Winter Garden
"I love your service. The produce is fantastic." - Debra, Casselberry
"We are really enjoying our first batch of fresh produce. Thank you very much." - Debra, Casselberry
"Thank you, everything looks wonderful!" - Shirley, Casselberry
"Everything looks great and I am very pleased! My daughter (not quite 4) already ate a grapefruit and didn't want to share which tells me it was yummy! A friend was here when I was unpacking my cooler and I'm pretty sure she'll be signing up soon too!" - Lauren, Orlando
"Thanks for making my produce shopping SO much easier...to my door and excellent quality! I look forward to the next shipment." - Lauren, Orlando
"I think this is such a great thing to have organic produce delivered at a reasonable price and I dont even have to carry it up the stairs! Im spreading the word&" - Jenn, Longwood
"Good morning! I received my first delivery last night and it was wonderful!" - Jenn, Longwood
"Beautiful produce this week! Thanks!!!!!" - Nancy, Orlando
"Thanks for the first delivery. I am very excited. I moved from a small town in NC and we grew most of our own food, who would have thought it would be so difficult to get local organic food from grocery stores in a big city. I am glad that I found your company!" - Katie, Windermere
"Thank you!! We are enjoying your service very much!!! We are being forced to learn to cook and try new veggies!!" - Greg, Oviedo
"Thanks - everything was great - we are thrilled to have the service again!" - Susan, Sanford
"We received our first order on Tuesday and we couldn't be happier! The delivery driver was very courteous and everything we have eaten so far has been delicious. We can't wait to get our next order, especially since we both think we will have gone through it all well before next Tuesday. Thank you for the great products and service!" - Raymond, Orlando
"We received our standard bi-weekly delivery yesterday, and I could not wait to make a fresh salad for dinner, using the beautiful leaf lettuce we received! It was so tasty, I made one for my lunch today too, and it was just as good as dinner. I also had an orange from the delivery and it was very sweet and flavorful. Im planning to have an apple for a snack later&well see how long I can hold out! Ive been receiving Orlando Organics produce for quite a while now, and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work!" - Jackie, Winter Springs
"Your company has been very good to work with over the years. I love the new sprouted tofu, it tastes fresher, the packaging is very convenient with the two sections! I was quitting tofu, but now I am definitely not!!! I also love the Jerusalem artichokes and your organic artichokes are the tastiest in Orlando! I hope you are able to offer them more often!" - Lisa, Orlando
"The produce was wonderful, looking forward to the next order." - Nancy, Longwood
"My first delivery has been a great experience. I am recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks so much and I look forward to deliveries!" - Diana, Casselberry
"YUM! Beautiful fruits and vegetables, even the kids were excited!" - Paula, Orlando
"Everything is wonderful and I've been telling everyone I know to order from you. Thanks for providing this service." - Lenora, Casselberry
"Everything is great. Dinner was delicious. Thanks for all you do." - Lenore, Casselberry
"Thanks for our first delivery, everything looks great!" - Lynne, Sanford
"We were very pleased with our box of fresh organic produce, Thank you very much." - Carmen, Orlando
"I have enjoyed the produce and your company so much!" - Jean, Winter Park
"We've enjoyed the service and will continue to recommend you to others." - Felicia, Winter Park
"Hello! I'm a new customer and I have to say: I love my new produce. Thanks for the service!" - Julissa, Orlando
"You guys are amazing, and I look forward to my delivery every week." - Arlene, Winter Park
"I just unpacked my beautiful produce. Everything is just perfect. I am now planning all our meals around the produce we have delivered. Not only are we eating healthier, but we are spending significantly less overall on groceries. Thanks again and keep up the good work!" - Susan, Winter Park
"Thank you for offering this great service. Our first delivery was wonderful. The fruit and vegetables looked fresh and we love them all. I look forward to many more deliveries." - Karon, Longwood
"I appreciate the service and quality of food you provide." - Sean, Sanford
'We got our first delivery today and are pleased with the produce. The nectarines are AWESOME!!' - Deborah, Orlando
'I greatly appreciate your service. It's hard enough to find the time to cook most days, let alone shop for anything organic! Thank you so, so, so much.' - Briana, Oviedo
'Thank you for the great service and the wonderful fruit and vegetables.' - Jennifer, Lake Mary
'I've been very pleased with the produce I have received thus far. I have ordered from you for several reasons, but mainly to introduce variety into our diet and challenge my recipes. So, thanks for helping me be more creative!' - Jennifer, Ocoee
'Our delivery was perfect! All the produce and fruit was in great condition. Thank you so much for having a great business. We are excited to continue receiving healthy food from Orlando Organics.' - Laura, Apopka
'The program is fantastic and we thank you for the great produce and service.' - Erin, Orlando
'Everything looks great! I am very pleased with the service and standard of produce and will be recommending your service to other friends.' - Rachel, Windermere
'I am thrilled with your service and look forward to many weeks of great veggies and fruits.' - Lynell, Winter Park
'My husband ate one of the apples and said that it was the first time in years that he had been able to eat the peel. The girls and I ate some of the lettuce and cucumber in our salad and it was delicious. It's hard to remember how good vegetables and fruit taste when they're not artificially ripened and blasted with pesticides!' - Amy, Orlando
'Just wanted to let you guys know how pleased I was with my first delivery! Everything was so fresh and beautiful. The selection was great too. I'm so glad we found you.' - Linnea, Orlando
'The produce is beautiful, just beautiful. Your fruits and veggies are lovely, look healthy and delicious, and the variety and amounts were good. I know the price of organic foods and I'm happy with the product for the price.' - Constance, Apopka
'I just received my first delivery. Your delivery lady was very sweet and friendly and actually looked like she was enjoying herself! That's rare these days, to see someone smiling on the job.' = Constance, Apopka
'Thanks for asking about the first delivery. Everything was wonderful.' - Geannie, Orlando
'We are so pleased with our produce orders and everything is wonderful. The quality and variety are fabulous and we love everything!' - Claire, Winter Park
'I just wanted to let you know how much we're enjoying Orlando Organics' produce! It's great having it delivered to my front door each week and I'm trying vegetables I wouldn't normally buy. Yummy!' - Debby, Longwood
'Thank you for the awesome service you provide for my family and I believe your company is a real asset to our community.' - Cindy, Orlando
'I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you guys have consistantly replaced my 'disliked' foods with my most liked foods! You are the best!' - Elisabeth, Orlando
'Thanks so much for the great service and the delicious produce. Orlando is lucky to have this!' - Sheila, Orlando
'Everything was perfect! It was such a nice surprise to come home from work and find beautiful fruit and vegetables on my porch. This is a real treat for me.' - Linda, Orlando
'I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service. I have been amazed at the head of Romaine lettuce we got in our last bag. It was truly the biggest, greenest, most awesome head of lettuce I have ever seen or tasted. How much fun it must be for you knowing what a tremendous product and service you and all your staff provide.' - Andrea, Orlando
'Everything was absolutely wonderful. My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with several of the vegetables that were delivered today. Thanks for the wonderful selection of organic produce. Your service has been both superb and delightful.' - Michelle, Sanford
'I work for a children's theatre company that is doing a show on healthy food choices and exercise. I feel sorry for the rest of Florida but I'm glad we have you all!' - Rhonda, Sanford
'My mother has been delighted with the service and the quality of the produce.' - Gretha, Oviedo
'We just wanted to send you a note and tell you how happy we are with your service and the quality of your produce.' - Eric, Celebration
'Over the past months, our family has really enjoyed and benefited from receiving all the organic produce and dairy you have provided with wonderful service. I have recommended your company to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for the great service you have provided us!' - Jennifer, Orlando
'DH and I always enjoy opening the bag up to see what surprises are in store, and I look forward to the challenge of cooking vegetables I haven't tried since I was a kid.' - Mary, Altamonte Springs
'May I take this opportunity to say Job Well Done! I've been talking up O.O. to just about anyone who will sit and listen. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity for easy and delicious organic produce delivered straight to our door.' - Mary, Altamonte Springs
'My husband and I are enjoying the organics delivery. Thanks for great service.' - Marcy, Sanford
'Anybody who asks about the food, I give them the website and tell them how great the food and service is. Thanks for the watermelon last week and the avocados. Both were outstanding, as always!' - Bryan, Winter Springs
'We're SO thrilled with our produce delivery and the quality of everything. We have a lot of company and everyone who comes to visit us has gone back home to try and find a similar service in their town. It's truly a fabulous idea and something people want.' - Debby, Altamonte Springs
'We are moving to Gainesville next week, so tomorrow's delivery will unfortunately have to be our last. I think the business you started is a wonderful idea (for people's health and the environment). I wish you continued success. I will truly miss our deliveries of foods that I may not buy at the store!' - Tara, Longwood
'Thank you so much for your fine service and excellent recipes!' - Andria, Winter Garden
'I don't understand why you don't deliver to every person in Orange County!! I am so impressed (and I'm not easily impressed) with your produce, I cannot express it. I've already had two of the vegetables for my dinner and a piece of fruit. Everything has taste! I'm going to tell everyone I know about you. Thank you so much for your service.' - Lois, Orlando
'I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a convenient, healthy and 'earth-friendly' service.' - Jamie, Orlando
'Thank you for all the wonderful produce. My daughter loved your Fuji apples, she said they were the best she ever tasted. She asked for them in her lunch bag every day!' - Cherie, Apopka
'Thank you for the recipes each week! We're enjoying our fruits and vegetables very much!' - Olivia, Orlando
'We have been very pleased with the service and convenience of Orlando Organics.' - Chuck, Winter Park
'I just received my third delivery from Orlando Organics and I had to tell you how wonderful this service is. Everything is so fresh and delicious! Keep up the great work. Thank you for the great organic produce!' - Shayla, Orlando
'The quality of the produce is superb and the ease of having it delivered is great.' - Pat, Altamonte Springs
'I love Orlando Organics, great produce and very convenient!' - Sandy, Altamonte Springs
'We have been very pleased with everything we have gotten so far. Everything is delicious. Honestly the best mangos I've ever had!' - Roberta, Orlando
'I just received our 1st order this week. I wanted to let you know how wonderful everything was. The fruits and veggies are great. What a great service you provide!!!!!' - Mary, Winter Park
'I LOVE your company and I have been very pleased with the service and products I have received so far. Thank you!' - Emily, Apopka
'My eight year old thinks it's Christmas every time we get our delivery and really loves eating organic from the moment I open the bag. I love the quality of everything. I expected organic produce to be a little bug-eaten since no pesticides are used but I'm constantly thrilled with the flavor and quality every delivery.' - Kym, Longwood
'We LOVE the apples we've been getting. At last, for the first time in years I am eating crunchy apples, not those soft inferior things at the grocery store. My husband has finally seen what I've been complaining about all these years and now we fight over the apples when we get our delivery!' - Kym Longwood
'Thank you and we will be happy to recommend you to others.' - Margo, Orlando
'I've been excitedly sharing Orlando Organics with everyone who will listen, partly because of the great quality, but also because it is forcing me (in a good way!) to try new veggies and new recipes with my family. I've discovered I DO like beets and summer squash. Go figure!' - Mary-Jeanine, Altamonte Springs
'Thank you so much. My family has really enjoyed your program. I want to thank you for all your hard work and we enjoy the wonderful goodies.' - Susan, Orlando
'We have so enjoyed all the produce. I will continue to speak highly and often of it to everyone here in Celebration. Thank you so much for your service.' - Michelle, Celebration
'Your products and services are excellent, I appreciate the quality and diversity. I will continue to recommend you to my friends.' - Gary, Ocoee
'We think you provide a great service and really look forward to receiving your produce.' - Trenny, Heathrow
'Thanks so much for your wonderful service!!! I hope that your business continues to thrive, as you are providing a great service to the community. I will of course continue to recommend your service to all in my sphere of influence.' - Chris, Winter Park
'Thanks for all the great veggies and keep the berries coming! They rock!' - Briana, Orlando
'In case you don't hear it often enough - I LOVE Orlando Organics. The deliveries have been wonderful and the quality of produce has been outstanding. Thank you for keeping me eating healthy!' - Debbie, Winter Garden
'My family and I loved our first shipment, and we can't wait for the next one. All of the produce was super fresh, we love organic produce but never knew we could get it so fresh. Thank you for providing a wonderful service.' - Shalamar, Orlando
'I have recommended you to lots and lots of people. It is a great service that you offer.' - Donna, Orlando
'Thanks again for your wonderful service, and top notch fruits and veggies.' - Linda, Lake Mary
'We love the service that you offer! I have shared your information with many of my friends!' - Denise, Lake Mary
'Thank you so much for our delivery today. My six year old was very excited to open the cooler and since then, he has been munching!' - Sue, Oviedo
'Yesterday I received my first shipment from Orlando Organics and I am very pleased with the order. I also spoke with two friends that signed up based on my recommendation!' - Mary, Altamonte Springs
'I just wanted to tell you how incredible the tangerines you delivered were! The ones I received yesterday couldn't have been any more perfect! Thanks for offering such a wonderful service to the community!' - Jennifer, Orlando
'I was extremely satisfied with last week's order. The fruit was delicious!' - Robyn, Altamonte Springs
'We are very pleased with the freshness of everything!' - Julia, Orlando
'I'm very excited about Orlando Organics and have told several people about it. We are very happy with our deliveries. We started out with the small bag, and now we're up to the Harvest Blend Deluxe!' - Jan, Sanford
'We are moving out of state and I am very sad that I will not be able to receive my produce from you. Thank you so much for a wonderful service! Keep working to promote organic living in Orlando!' - Emily, Apopka
'Thank you for all of the wonderful produce. I have certainly enjoyed receiving it each week.' - Emily, Apopka
'The strawberries have been beautiful! And the avocados, yum, yum! We love your service, we are so grateful to have fresh stuff without having to drive all over town to get it!' - Mary, Orlando
'I have truly been enjoying your produce. I love that it's delivered to my door and that I have the opportunity to try new vegetables every week.' - Debbie, Longwood
'We have been so blessed by your service and some of the most delicious fresh vegetables we've ever eaten (and we have belonged to local farm coops in the past). Thank you and keep up the good work!' - Lyn, Orlando
'Our family has really enjoyed the variety and the quality of the vegetables we have received. The freshness and taste has been excellent. Delivery has been reliable and pleasant.' - Lyn, Orlando
'We had our first delivery last week. The spinach was outstanding and the quality of goods and services is excellent. The website is easily navigated, inspiring confidence that the orders will be filled correctly. Payment is a snap and the billing confirmation is easily understood. We wish you continued growth and success.' - Suzanne, Winter Park
'Everything looked beautiful, rich in color, fresh. My husband just had to try one of the pears immediately. He went on and on about the flavor.' - Reece, Orlando
'We cannot thank you enough for this service. We absolutely love the produce. And soooo tasty. The difference between OO and the grocery store produce is amazing. I actually enjoy eating my veggies now! My husband and I feel like we are really eating healthy (maybe for the 1st time in our lives).' - Suzanne, Orlando
'We were so excited about our first delivery. The sweet potatoes were so much more colorful than those you see in the store.' - Kim, Celebration
'I really appreciate your kindness and wonderful business of delivery organic fruits & veggies. We have truly enjoyed them and avoiding the drive to the supermarket. I hope your business continues to flourish.' - Elizabeth, Sanford
'Thank you for such a great service! We love Orlando Organics! It's especially satisfying to see a family-run business succeed in these times of corporate agriculture. We wish you continued success.' - Audrey, Maitland
'My experience has been extremely positive. As long as you can continue to maintain the same level of personal contact with your clients, your company should be quite successful.' - Penny, Sanford
'I was very pleased with the first delivery -- some of the best looking vegetables I've seen since I've moved here. Everything seemed very fresh.' - Sara, Orlando
'Thank you for providing your service. It is a godsend for busy Moms like me who can barely get out of the house to go grocery shopping.' - Erika, Apopka
'Thanks for the wonderful food and service, it is always appreciated!.' - Laura, Oviedo
'I thank you for your business. Orlando Organics is awesome. ' - Corinne, Orlando
'We are moving to north Lake County. I have enjoyed Orlando Organic more than words can express and I will surely miss this service.' - Patricia, Orlando
'I have been spreading the word about you guys and I know several of my friends enjoy their deliveries as much as I do. You guys are committed to quality. Thanks for being committed to doing it RIGHT!!' - Angela, Orlando
'Thanks so much for our delivery. It was awesome to come home and have my groceries there for me. The delivery was placed exactly where I asked and there were no worries at all! What a great thing you have done! I am looking forward to more of the same!' - Susie, Longwood
'Just wanted to send a note to tell you you how pleased we are with your produce!! I have been telling all my friends about you.' - Barbara, Sanford
'Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the produce looks and tastes!! Thank you so much for everything you all do to make delivery possible. What a blessing.' - Shannon, Winter Park
'I LOVED my delivery. It was even better than I expected! I was more then impressed with the variety of fruits and vegetables, the freshness of my items, and the ease of delivery. This is such a great deal. I am a very healthy and picky eater so I can't express enough how thrilled I am that I found you guys. I have already recruited three more people to sign up.' - Jaime, Orlando
'Our first delivery has been great! Thank you so much for what you are offering. It is wonderful to have this service at a very reasonable price.' - Carol, Oviedo
'We were very pleased with our delivery. I appreciate the service you provide! Looking forward to the next delivery.' - Karen, Longwood
'I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your service. I get the chance to eat more fruits and vegetables than I was before. I am a busy professional and I rarely have that extra time to grocery shop, but Orlando Organics has saved me a lot of time and enhanced my quality of eating.' - Jackie, Orlando
'I was very pleased with the quality and flavor of my first delivery, and satisfied with the quantity versus cost. I'm looking forward to my next delivery.' - Gwen, Orlando
'I love your service. I have recommended you to everyone I know. Thanks for helping keep my family healthy!' - Susie, Orlando
'It was so awesome having your services! You bring great health and knowledge to many here in Orlando. I refer you to everyone!!' - Stephanie, Orlando
'I was pleased with my first order, especially the selection. So far, I've only tried an apple and a tangerine, but they were absolutely delicious. Thanks for the great service!' - Lisa, Oviedo
'By the way, we are loving this service! The food is very good and it is forcing us to cook and eat more veggies! We have been telling all of our friends.' - Ginny, Apopka
'The first delivery went great. All the produce looked great and tasted even better. Thanks so much.' - Jennifer, Windermere
'We have really enjoyed our first delivery of organics. Everything is so delicious!!' - Dawn, Orlando
'Your produce is definitely worth it. We have been delighted with it. Last week, especially, we were thrilled to get a box filled with family favorites, including kale! And just last night, my six yo daughter said stickily (as she was covered with orange juice and pulp from her nose to her chest), 'Organic fruit is always SO GOOD.'' - Beth, Orlando
'Thank you for the first delivery. Overall, we were very pleased with everything, and the extra pears we ordered were excellent.'- Laura, Gotha
'Since I was a little girl, I haven't tasted better apples. So a big THANK YOU and keep up the wonderful work! Our little girl is growing up healthy and strong thanks to you.' - Moea, Lake Mary
'My little girl who has just turned six asks all week long, 'When are fresh fruit and veggies coming, Mum?' She awaits her father eagerly on Tuesdays because he is bringing home the 'fruit and veggies straight from the farm!' and it's her job to pull them out of the cooler to find out what we have each week.' - Moea, Lake Mary
'I just wanted to let you know you are making a BIG difference for many families in Orlando, especially ours.' - Moea, Lake Mary
'I just joined Orlando Organics and when your first delivery came, my two girls and I had such a great time sorting through all the yummy foods. We had a fantastic salad for lunch right there - didn't even have time to put some stuff in the fridge! Thanks so much for offering this great service! It's well worth it to know that I'm giving my family healthy, pesticide-free food!' - Joanne, Orlando
'Thanks for providing this service...it really is a blessing to me.' - Ted, Orlando
'Thanks so much for your awesome service! We are really enjoying the produce!!' - Jennifer, Winter Garden
'Just wanted to let you know what a joy it was to open the cooler yesterday and see such gorgeous produce. Everything looked wonderful. Thank you!!' - Pamela, Casselberry
'I was excited to get my first delivery. The lettuce was beautiful and I'm having the spinach for dinner tonight. Looking forward to future deliveries!' - Ellen, Ocoee
'Thanks for providing an opportunity for me to support my local economy, get proactive about global warming/soil erosion, and be good to my heart all at the same time!' - Heather, Orlando
'I signed up for the service because my cardiologist recommended that I adopt a mostly plant based diet. I was thinking I'd miss eating more meat, but with produce that tastes this good, I doubt I'll miss the meat at all!' - Heather, Orlando
'I wasn't expecting our produce to have an appreciable taste differenceàI was talking with my hubby when I bit into a carrot that I'd just grabbed out of our cooler. I literally stopped mid-sentence and remarked, 'Wow, that tastes great!'' - Heather, Orlando
'We were really impressed by the quality of our first shipment. This is my first experience with organic fruits and vegetables, and I'm already a believer.' - Heather, Orlando
'I have to say the lettuce you bring is the best lettuce I have ever had and I am a lettuce lover and a leaf snob! Thanks again and I look forward to lots of happy veggie meals!' - Denny, Sanford
'One thing I LOVE about this service is being delivered exotic items and experiencing foods that we would not have chosen if we went to the store. Who knew we liked parsnips!!' = Denny, Sanford
'I LOVE this service. Thank You!!!!!' - Heather, Orlando
'The food is beautiful and delicious! I have been recommending your service already!' - JoAnna, Orlando
'Thanks! First delivery came - great service, great produce and fruit!' - Susan, Sanford
'Everything is fantastic!!!! What a luxury it was to have so many great items delivered! Thank you so much!' - Lisa, Altamonte Springs
'Thanks for your wonderful service! It's fantastic!' - Jennifer, Winter Garden
'I was pleased at the volume of produce. The spinach was especially fresh and the romaine especially healthy. Thank you!' - Kym, Orlando
'The produce delivered was beautiful. I am so excited that I found you on the internet! We are looking forward to a very long relationship.' - Cynthia, Orlando
'The produce is great. Thanks for providing a unique service to our area.' - Leslie, Orlando
'We enjoyed our first batch of organic fruit & veggies! The apples were especially tasty. Thank you for providing a much needed and appreciated service for the Greater Orlando Area.' - Gayle, Orlando
'Everything looked great. Tasted great, too!' - Steve, Orlando
'We are very pleased with the service, and I have already told a few friends about it and I know of one that has already signed up!' - Monique, Orlando
'Thank you! We are very thankful for your delivery service!!' - Lisa, Altamonte Springs
'I really enjoy being a part of Orlando Organics and think it's a really great service!' - Michele, Orlando
'I am about to tell EVERYONE I know that they are crazy if they don't use your service. It was a life changing experience for me.. I haven't had such fresh and flavorful produce since I was a kid!' - Valerie, Maitland
'I just had to tell you ... I just finished a dinner consisting of the tastiest salad that I've ever eaten! I used lettuce I received from yesterday's shipment, hard-boiled eggs from the shipment before that... carrots and whatever else you sent me. I LOVE my organics delivery.' - Valerie, Maitland
'We are loving the produce and appreciate your great service. Thanks!' - Barbara, Lake Mary
'I was very satisfied with the service and would recommend it to everyone.' - Erik, Oviedo
'I am so excited about my organic produce delivery! It all looks great.' - Cheryl, Longwood
'I am still LOVING my organics deliveries. Keep up the good work!' - Valerie, Maitland
'Thank you for the wonderful service you and your family provide.' - Lauren, Orlando
'We have loved your service and tell people about it all the time.' - Melissa, Sanford
'I want to thank you for delivering great food!' - Denise, Oviedo
'I wanted first to thank you for your this service you are providing, its definitely kept our family going! The first couple deliveries were fantastic.' - Jessica, Orlando
'I was more than satisfied with the delivery of produce that came today. I want you to know that it was PURE torture for my children to have to wait for me to come home before digging in! Their father had to finally relent and let them each have a banana and piece of celery!' - Lisa, Orlando
'I am very excited and pleased with my first produce delivery. The vegetables and fruits are in peak condition and the variety is wonderful. Your company has provided a happy medium for both my husband and myself. Thanks for helping keep my marriage and our bodies healthy!' - Eileen, Winter Springs
'I got my second delivery yesterday and everything was perfect (again). I have been slowly trying to change my family's eating habits - my daughters were actually excited yesterday when we looked in the cooler. Thank you for making my job easier. Now if I can just get my son to eat ONE green thing! I've been telling everyone I know about Orlando Organics!' - Paula, Orlando
'Love your service! I think it is a wonderful idea. I will continue to order from you and spread the good word to my friends. I love it!' - Perry, Sanford
'We are really enjoying our first order from you guys. Yummy and very convienent. Thanks again for the service you offer. With four small children, it is a Godsend.' - Eli, Winter Park
'Just wanted to say that we LOVE Orlando Organics!!! You guys do a great job & we are very pleased with your service.' - Shelly, Altamonte Springs
'We absolutely love our first delivery!! Thank you so much for such wonderful food!!' - Dana, Winter Park
'Everything we tried tonight was fresh and tasty. I'm looking forward to having more. It's fun to come home to a cooler full of yummy stuff. Now, if only you guys would cook it for us!' - Lisa, Longwood
'I just want you to know how much I appreciate your excellent service, value and quality!' - Lisa, Orlando
'I just got home and saw all the wonderful fruit that was delivered in my first order! I am very excited to start tasting. Thank you.' - Jamie, Oviedo
'We've been a member for a little over a year and totally love it!!!!' - Kerry, Orlando
'I just wanted to let you know we are thoroughly enjoying your service! Keep up the good work!' - Robin, Orlando
'I was delighted!' - Lisa, Lake Mary
'I received my delivery and everything seems wonderful. I really loved the apples and strawberries. The romaine looks wonderful as do the tomatoes.' - Joseph, Sanford
'Everything was perfect this week. Strawberries AWESOME again!!! Thanks!!!' - Nicole, Orlando
'The eggs were also amazing! Thank you so much, not only for the amazing variety and quality, but for the door-to-door service. It saved us a lot of time the past week from going to different grocery stores! I look forward to continuing to receive products from you!' - Tara, Orlando
'I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for our first delivery. We were more than happy with the quality of the produce we received. The sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pears, lettuce and kiwis were the best quality of that produce that I have had since moving away from the small town I grew up in.' - Tara, Orlando
'I just want to you to know that our family has been extremely happy with the selection and quality of the produce, as well as, the delivery service. You are doing a wonderful job!' - Susan, Winter Park
'I love your service so far. The fruits and vegetables have been wonderful - very fresh.' - Denise, Orlando
'The pears are delicious. Everything looks great.' - Colleen, Orlando
'I love the service. Everything is wonderful!' - Rhonda, Orlando
'As soon as I got my delivery I took a bite of one of the apples and it was sooooooooooo good!!! Super sweet and by far better than the apples I buy at the supermarket! I am a Floridian and come from a long line of produce growers. Bravo from a big produce critic and now your new fan!' - Stacy, Orlando
'I have really enjoyed your service and the quality of produce you deliver. I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you.' - Jim, Orlando
'We continue to be pleased with the quality of the produce I receive, it has been a wonderful addition to my family's diet!' - Tara, Orlando
'Wow! I was so excited to get my first delivery. What an amazing selection of produce! I already had an apple and really enjoyed it. The delivery driver was SUPER nice too!' - Terrie, Orlando
'I made the sweet potatoes last night and they were amazing. They were the best sweet potatoes I have ever eaten. We are very happy with your service and look forward to Wednesdays now.' - Jennifer, Winter Park
'Mmmm...I just got my first order from your company yesterday, but I'm already devouring a lot of it. If the crisp, tasty lettuce, scrumptious tomatoes, and juicy apples are any indication of quality of the rest of my order, I am sure to be thrilled. I will be sure to spread the word about your service.' - Amy, Orlando
'We LOVED the Jerusalem Artichokes!!! Please keep on sending the oddball food items. I love to try new foods!' - Heather, Orlando
'The produce looks gorgeous and I am looking forward to eating it!' - Amber, Apopka
'Thank you for all the wonderful organic produce and your family's hard work to keep it coming. You are such a blessing to our family and so many others!' - Anne, Longwood
'We were very impressed with the produce we received. The quality and taste were just great. I appreciate your help in my endeavor to balance my life.' - Kelley, Oviedo
'By the way, I just want to let you know how much we love the service. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service in Orlando!! The produce is outstanding and I'm so glad we signed up!' - Angela, Casselberry
'I was very happy with my order. The spinach is the best I've had in years! I love this service! Thank you!' - Jennifer, Sanford
'I have a huge list of food allergies. Eating organic at home means I can better control my exposure to allergens and my reactions are less severe. Thank you!' - Marianne, Orlando
'This has completely changed how my husband and I eat. We have a blast figuring out to do with veggies we have never cooked before. We are eating better and spending less money - a win-win situation!' - Marianne, Orlando
'Thank you for providing a great service and amazing food!' - Jennifer, Orlando
'You are doing a great service to your customers and Mother Earth!' - Manish, Orlando
'This week's delivery was AMAZING! I was thoroughly impressed.' - Mia, Orlando
'Thank you, for delivering, fresh, organic goodness to my doorstep!' - Anna, Orlando
'What a great mix of fruits and vegetables. I have been a customer for a few months now and very pleased with the service, but today's organic mix was my favorite. Thanks for providing such a wonderful service to Central Florida!!' - Debbie, Orlando
'Loved it! What an effect it had on my three year old son -- he couldn't wait to eat some of the fruit after unpacking it.' - Heather, Lake Mary
'I was delighted with my order!' - Kaye, Orlando
'Thank you so much for our first delivery. I was really happy to see how fresh the produce was and look forward to future deliveries.' - Laura, Orlando
'Our first delivery was great and we enjoyed the produce already for dinner.' - Karen, Lake Mary
'We've enjoyed your service and highly recommend it to other families.' - Michelle, Oviedo
'The produce is as beautiful as it is delicious. Keep up the good work.' - John, Orlando
'I want to tell you how much we liked your service. I haven't seen my kids that exited about fruits and vegetables, well, ever. I had to physically protect my avocado from my son, who wanted to turn it into guacamole.' - John, Orlando
'I really enjoy getting your fruits and vegetables. My family always looks forward to see the 'surprise' in our order. Great service and fresh foods!' - Ami, Orlando
'The delivery was great and the produce all looks delicious.' - Ada, Orlando
'We are really happy with everything.' - Kristen, Longwood
'I am very pleased with our first delivery. My neighbor was at my home when the delivery came and she is going to sign up also. This is a very convenient service for me.' - Kathy, Casselberry
'Everything is delicious! Thank you very much!' - Mitzi, Windermere
'Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome service! The produce has been really great and makes terrific baby food! With a busy life it's nice knowing I can still get the healthiest food possible for my family. Thanks again.' - Jackelyn, Apopka
'Thanks so much! These pluots are the best piece of fruit I've had in YEARS. We've never had them before and love them. Thanks again!' - Megan, Orlando
'The produce was beautiful today!' - Monica, Longwood
'Everything was crisp and beautiful and whatever we have eaten so far tasted great! It was so reminiscent of the fresh produce we had when I was a little girl. Thanks so much and keep it up. I can't wait for next week!' - Daria, Orlando
'We are thankful for you guys. Thanks for bringing us healthy produce right to our door.' - Marianne, Winter Park
'Thank you once again for the beautiful produce. My husband and I are getting so much out of this service.' - Katrina, Orlando
'Thank you so much! I loved my delivery. I'm so excited about it that I've already blogged about it. :)' - Lyndsey, Orlando
'The first order was great. I cooked the corn and the portabellos for dinner last night and they were delicious!' - Debbie, Orlando
'Thank you for the wonderful service! The produce was amazing as usual.' - Christie, Winter Park
'I am very pleased with the produce I received this week - it's lovely and of a high quality that is seldom found in the stores.' - Elizabeth, Orlando
'We couldn't believe how good the lettuces were that we received. Last night we had broccoli with mushroom and a salad from our delivery and we were amazed at the flavors! Thanks again.' - Dale, Altamonte Springs
'I love Orlando Organics and tell all my friends and neighbors about your exceptional service and quality produce. I've been a member for over a year and have never been disappointed. Thank you!' - Pam, Orlando
'Super delicious and beautiful produce today. Thanks!' - Mariane, Winter Park
'The artichokes from last week were fabulous! The most tender we have ever had!' - Daria, Orlando
'Just got our first delivery. Everything looks and tastes great!' - Paul, Orlando
'We were very happy with our first delivery. All the produce was fresh and delicious.' - Debbie, Windermere
'It is so easy to change my subscriptions, add things, or put my account on hold via the web. Thank you for putting this wonderful service together. I plan on being a customer for a long, long time!' - Danielle, Casselberry
'I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that I have used your service for a year now and that it has been fantastic. I am always looking forward to your deliveries and love to see all the different things I'm going to get each week.' - Danielle, Casselberry
'It's always a lot of fun coming home at the end of the work-day to a cooler full of fruits and veggies and discovering what we received that week. It's forced us to try new things and be creative with our cooking habits. We really have enjoyed it and have recommended it to all of our friends here.' - Jennifer, Orlando
'I just wanted to write and let you know that we have greatly enjoyed the Orlando Organics delivery over the past year and a half that we've been members.' - Jennifer, Orlando
'We loved getting our first delivery. The items were delivered by a friendly, smiling young lady and the produce selection was great.' - Paula, Winter Springs
'We are switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet and feel so fortunate to have Orlando Organics in our town to help us make this a reality!!! After visiting some of the local farmer's markets this weekend, it was disappointing to find that none of them carried organic produce! We appreciate you guys all the more now!!' - Shelly, Altamonte Springs
'What a beautiful box of fruits and vegetables that were delivered today. Thank you!' - Bibi, Ocoee
'We're always pleased with our weekly delivery. Orlando Organics works out very well for us. We recommend you whenever we can.' - Paul, Orlando
'We really appreciate your delivery service and it's convenience. The pricing is also way below what we would have spent buying organic produce in the store. It has helped us tremendously in our efforts to become healthier.' - Lisa, Oviedo
'Thank you so much for an awesome first delivery! The apples are almost gone and we've only had them for a few hours. We made a salad to accompany our dinner with the lovely butter lettuce, and everyone raved about how good it tasted! We can't wait to try the other fruits and veggies we received today! I am very happy to be an Orlando Organics customer.' - Cat, Maitland
'Thank you very much! I was very excited to receive my very first order this week. I was very pleased with the beautiful fruits and produce.' - Megan, Orlando
'Everything was wonderful in today's delivery!! I look forward to next week!!' - Ronda, Longwood
'Just wanted to tell you that everything was great! I'm really looking forward to the weekly deliveries! Thank you so much!' - Karyn, Orlando
'The produce I received was especially beautiful this week!' - Elizabeth, Orlando
'At last! Fruit that tastes like fruit; vegetables that taste like vegetables!!! Thank you!!! You are doing Orlando a GREAT service!' - Jacki, Orlando
'I've been a member for about three weeks and you have far exceeded my expectations. The quality of food and the service are outstanding. I'm trying foods now that I've never eaten before. I like the variety and I look forward to your delivery every week. Thank you!' - Nezha, Orlando
'Thank you. I got everything listed and it looked fresh and good. I am excited about discovering Orlando Organics and hope to be a customer a long time.' - Linda, Orlando
'These are the most delicious pears that I have ever eaten. I am stunned into silence with how quickly they disappear at my house. I don't know where they're coming from, but I just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely wonderful and make me want to eat pears every single day. Thank you! Thank you!!!' - Leah, Orlando
'Just wanted to say thanks so much. I received the produce and I didn't know which one to eat first. They all looked great. Thanks to you and to your team over at Orlando Organics. I look forward to having you guys as my produce supplier.' - David, Winter Springs
'You have a wonderful concept and you are providing a wonderful service for families.' - Sonia, Orlando
'I LOVE what we got so far!' - Susan, Apopka
'I just wanted to thank you. The first delivery was so much fun to get, and I can honestly say I can't remember the last time my produce actually SMELLED like the fruits and veggies they were supposed to be! Can't wait for next Thursday :)' - Cara, Orlando
'Just a quick note to say that I have enjoyed your delivery service so far. Fruits and veggies have been wonderful. I have recommended your company to all of my friends so they can enjoy too!' - Jennifer, Lake Mary
'Everything looks great! Everything on my like/dislike list was accommodated and so far everything I have tasted has been wonderful.' - Michelle, Oviedo
'We are loving the service and have recommended to many friends...so convenient and fresh.' - Brooke, Orlando

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